Gather & Scatter

by Vervex

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Gather & Scatter consists of the songs written collectively by the full band embodiment of Vervex.

Full band is:
Casey Dunau
Jake Barrow
Nick Emard
Sterling Laws/Tom Fitzgibbon

Recorded and mixed at home in Bellingham and Woodinville.
Mastered by Chris Vita (Vita Mastering)


released December 13, 2013

Mastered by Chris Vita (Vita Mastering)




Vervex Seattle

Vervex started as the solo project of Washingtonian Jake Barrow.

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Track Name: Midas Eyes
When your eyes closed,
the camera snapped.
And now that I know
just what has happened,
I wish I could go
back to the time
when your hair grew
a little shorter,
and you weren't yet
taller than my shoulder,
too young to get knocked down.

And as the red starts to bleed
across your face and onto your sleeve,
my fingerprints, they leave a mark
on the picture frame and on your heart.
With so much of myself in your eyes,
I can now understand why
the photographs all on my wall
will last longer than I can recall.

The shadows in your eyes would go if you opened them up:
This is what gold buys, but sometimes you gotta make do with the rocks.

I wish I could go back,
with all the knowledge that I have now
and lead so you would follow,
your steps fall in mine.
But I haven't got a plan,
so get out from my shadow and
take my hand- the road is rough and
the only way is if you think you can.
Track Name: Ground Level
Not known, not sure
where it goes, or how it ends.
And so you leave me alone again.

The light bounced off from underneath your marbled feet.
You take your fog away as I'm left on my knees.
And please, please, please, please ask me how I've been-
I'll tell you all about how long it took to get home again, home again.

And though I'm wiser than before,
what if you come back once more?
Arms reach up to bring you down
to this place that we call ground.

The road obscures,
turns round- you call me friend.
And so you bring me back home again.

But that tree's dying, the roots were prying
in too deep, I couldn't believe even my shadow.
Hang me up under the sun and you will see
the wind blows right through me just like a scarecrow.
Track Name: 40-Love
Let me know when you make your move,
and I'll make one too.
Oh tell me did you realize, oh no, your eyes
are the size of the moon?

And now you pull the carpet from under my feet-
we're no longer sided on the same team.

It's game, set, match, it's all said and done-
I've had enough.
There's no point playing when the game is won-
I've had enough.

Stretched so far that I could shout,
but I'll sit it out.
Will you find your match? Cuz you're number 1,
hope you had your fun.

And there's no ground in between,
we're no longer sided on the same team.

But there's always someone stronger,
and it won't be much longer
'til you slip up and make a fault.
You can't win them all.

How do you make it out on top?
We've had our run.
There's no point playing when the game is won-
We've had our run.