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released April 28, 2016

Blooprints by Vervex
All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jake Barrow
Album art by Lincoln Lute

Thank you to Marshall Powell, Zach and Cody Wymore, Barbara Venden, Matt and Ryan Bustin, Amos Nistrian, Jesse Summer-Levine, Levi “Dorf” Friedman, Mario Orallo-Molinaro, Kari Severns, Halle Townes, Henry Walker, Shelby Easley, Austin Bridges, Joshua Johnson, Dominic Jenkins, Francesca Betancourt, Karen Quilantang, Hannah Crichton, Connor Deleeuw, Zulleyka Ortega, J Boston, and the several anonymous donors who all contributed money to help replace a stolen laptop.



all rights reserved


Vervex Seattle

Vervex started as the solo project of Washingtonian Jake Barrow.

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Track Name: Set Chaser
When to blend?
When to fold?
When to bow down?
When to hold?

Death grip is strong- Curled up real tight
Safe all along- Teacher was right,
Blood is pumping
Into the Earth-Hollow veins weep
Primitive words leap out in my sleep
but I lose them

Echoes from the dead, dead echos in your head
Lay them down to bed when you’re tapping on the headrest
Tiny little thing with broke down wings
not suffering so won’t you put upon the red dress

Feel this now cuz you are not not not
Too old baby you’re a dot dot dot
Make that time so you can jot jot jot
Down those moments that you caught caught caught
And I’m hoping now, cuz I’m broken down
Familiar with my grave
And it’s also yours- No one wins a war.
All you do is lose your name

When to blend?
When to fold?
When to bow down?
When to hold?
Track Name: Vivacious
Separately together in the long night
We were close, forgot to say say say
What we’ll miss when we wake up for the last time
Put it off til next tuesday day day
Yellow bellied and shakin’
In my handcrafted boots
From vivacious to vacant
I’ve only got one bullet, I’m afraid to pullet,
honey I’m afraid to shoot

Punch drunk from the flavor of the limelight
Try to fall to the ground and miss miss miss
Young tongues don’t know they drop dynamite
Your face is wet and the fuse is lit lit lit
Truth is we’re never sober
Got the best that money buys
From April to October
You put up your walls when I try to call
but it comes as no surprise

Sell us all the secrets
There’s no shame
Then we can pretend
We’re all okay

I want to ask the questions that I can’t find
Maybe you and I could talk talk talk
I’ll never make it across that finish line
If I never run and only walk walk walk
Call me the force that’s stopping
Won’t allow you to advance
From cradle to the coffin
I get in your head, keep you in bed
and tell you “no you can’t”

Can’t smile at the shadows inside you
Can’t swim in the waves of feel fee feel
You’ve only got limited time to prove
What’s mirage and what is real real real
Let me take your one weapon
Cut the lights and burn the set
There’s absence where your head is
Never scratch that itch, don’t flip the switch,
be my marrionette

They control me
I see them
Smiling at me now
They control me
I see them
Smiling at me now
Don’t you know they

Sell us all the secrets
There’s no shame
Then we can pretend
We’re all okay
Track Name: Purple
Meet me down in the car, take me out somewhere far
Spin me round, give me shivers
Shake me down, purple splinters
Cuz I’m amazed how fast you infiltrate

Yeah I think you’re just capital
These feelings are animal
Eat you like a cannibal
It’s alright, it’s alright now
Love you on the microphone
Dopamine’s your homophone
Do you want to be alone?
That’s alright, that’s alright now
Track Name: Haunt You
You’re alone tonight
Don’t know how to climb

Do you really want to be alone tonight?
Speak now, reach out and drop a line
You want the fruit upon the vine
You’re gonna have to learn to climb

I see you, I want you
I’m trying to haunt you
You’re under influence
Your heart is a truent
Mistaken, you panic
The ghost in the attic
Is knocking again
and the longer he’s at it

I sit and try to smile while talkin’ bout these other guys
Living all these other lives that you want

You’re alone tonight
Don’t know how to climb
Track Name: Dew Drop
I never wanted anything so bad
I’m out of time and I’m in a rush
If I could only take a few steps back
I wouldn’t be so out of touch

So if I reach out, don’t turn me down, down
And if I evade, don’t lock the cage, the cage

Dew drops in the lake
Track Name: Growing Pains
I’m picking at the sticky tack underneath my fingertips
I’m sipping on the bitter tincture, t-t-taste it on my lips
My blood boils down, acid flash in my veins
When I take this medicine it gives me growing p-p-pains

They say “Oh! Drink it down!
Oh! You’re howling with the hounds!”

I won’t be around for too long, please give me more
I won’t be around for too long, I’m at your door
Track Name: Horizon Lines
When the moment slows and I forget the lows,
When the tied goes, with sand between my toes
And I run ahead, the ocean is my bed
and I feel fed, this is so far from death

I might just drift away
I’ve never been the type to say “Goodbye.”
Instead I pretend that I can not ever die
Two birds with a single stone-
two birds that probably could have flown beside
impossible and infinite horizon lines

And we feel so small, infinitesimal in the scope of it all
And it took so long for us to belong, cuz we’re intelligent people
We once stood so tall, then we took a fall, oh we took a tumble
Can you feel the pull? The invisible strings that keep us humble?

I might just drift away...
Track Name: 10,000 Watts
Take me all the way, cuz I went there yesterday and
Nothing’s been the same
I don’t know if I wanna stay
Said take me too the top
Light me up 10,000 Watts
I’m a blue moon astronaut
Blast off when the switch is on

What are you on?
We heard that you play with fire,
But we brought bombs.
Take a leap of faith, just hold on
Clever guess, is that your best?
Let's hope not

Yes you've been here before,
You keep coming back for more
And you take from the gods
You feel fake, like a fraud, like a dog
And you say "Please, these shadows freeze!"
You crawl in dead asleep at night and ask me what it means
Track Name: Mr. Bag of Bones
A dusty puff coughs up from an ugly truck
A tree falls in the breeze, nobody picks it up
Fade into the shade with plastic ‘round our necks
Buried under cell phones and cigarettes

Well please excuse all that abuse
Please turn a cheek, you’re out of my league and I can’t take the heat
But I’ve got the nerve, think that I deserve
a spot at the top, gimme more, gimme lots until I tell you stop

How can you have pride when it’s messy on the outside?
Watching with our eyes wide- Mr. Bag of Bones look at the state of you

Past the point of return, it’s no mystery
Led to a real dead end sold as victory
Skip straight off a cliff with your hand in mine
But it will be a real good time

Little human, tiny bag of bones
And you want to know: is it still home?

Home, it’s our home/ gimme more, gimme lots until I tell you stop