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released May 9, 2017


released May 9, 2017

Written/Performed/Engineered/Mixed by Jake Barrow
Mastered by Connor De Leeuw
Artwork - Jake Barrow
Copyright/Publishing - Vervex
Released by LifeVest Records
All Rights Reserved

Thank you Hayden Eller for your support and for letting me temporarily take over the living room and make noise. Thank you Eller family, my own family and friends, and THANK YOU for listening and for your support! It's dedicated to all you Gemini buddies out there. Last but not least, thank you Johnboy, Inc. (you know why) and to Costco for making those delicious peanut butter pretzels.



all rights reserved


Vervex Seattle

Vervex started as the solo project of Washingtonian Jake Barrow.

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Track Name: Gemini
I felt you draw a little closer,
so now I have to leave
Maybe I’ll go mull this over around a crowd, but now I’ve found
that I can’t be around nobody else

This is my song of the bi-natured spirit of the Gemini
I’m pushed left, I’m pulled right- simultaneously day and night

You held me like you were my cradle
I’m paralyzed, no I can’t move
I’d dance with you if I was able, but I have never learned the steps-
my reflection’s the only one I’ll tell
Track Name: Dream Egg
Dream you dream-
Tell us about about it all
Track Name: Dandelion Song
Took a little time, took a little time and spent it outside

A ticklish wind is sweeping on in
It picks up the kids of the dandelion
The sky is a giant, the sparrows are flying
Listen close, the kids are crying:
“Should I give into the wind? Go to where I’ve never been?”

Down in the ground by the towering mountain,
Surrounded by clouds, they will rest their heads
Now they grow tired, sink deep by the briars-
sleeping in the line of fire

Oh how the cycle turns
Face yesterday
And how light it burns
Not everyone’s saved
And so we pray
Track Name: Clown
Well you know you put on a good show,
now it’s time to go, as the curtain lands
on a stage, left dazzled and dazed like a bird in a cage,
a one man band
I raise my voice in jest, but I’ve never left the nest
I’m in here, are you out there?
Someone brought the whole world down, and I’m up to play the clown
I’ve noticed that it’s not fair

Well if you’re shell-shocked, here’s your shot to jump off
cuz it’s a train that won’t stop for anyone-
Not the king, despite how he clings to the way that it stings
to die undone

Are you under a spell? Are you stuck in your shell?
Are you afraid to tell anyone?
I confess that I feel like a mess,
Yes I’m stressed half to death from all this fun

You ain’t prepared for what I’ll do
I don’t play fair cuz I’m not meant to
I see you’re scared- why ya so blue?
You just be there and I’ll reflect you
Track Name: Can't Let Go
I can’t let go

If I tried any other
way, there’d be no time to wonder
if what I see is a blunder
Cacophony pulls me under

All I know is that if I let go, then I’ll blow away in the breeze
Highs and lows will come and they’ll go and I’m nowhere to be seen

To say goodbye would be so cold,
so let the sun shine before we’re old
It’s not meant for this, I already know,
so just one last kiss, cuz I can’t let go