by Vervex

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released May 9, 2017


released May 9, 2017

Written/Performed/Engineered/Mixed by Jake Barrow
Mastered by Connor De Leeuw
Artwork - Jake Barrow
Copyright/Publishing - Vervex
Released by LifeVest Records
All Rights Reserved

Thank you Hayden Eller for your support and for letting me temporarily take over the living room and make noise. Thank you Eller family, my own family and friends, and THANK YOU for listening and for your support! It's dedicated to all you Gemini buddies out there. Last but not least, thank you Johnboy, Inc. (you know why) and to Costco for making those delicious peanut butter pretzels.



all rights reserved


Vervex Seattle

Vervex started as the solo project of Washingtonian Jake Barrow.

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Track Name: Worthless Teenager (Acoustic)
Say what you will, chase your own thrill
Glance at abacus- zero to nil
Hide behind fright, survive the night
When I’m in my room, I fight kick scratch bite whisper “yeah right”

Beautiful mess, innocent death,
fountain of speech should talk a little less
It was just a matter of time

Independent one,
a companion of none
you’re laughing at the gun,
your ego weighs a ton and you’ve got no
lipstick on your shirt
“We’re happy that you’re hurt”
So how much are you worth?
A worthless teenager became this
Track Name: Growing Pains (Acoustic)
I’m picking at the sticky-tack underneath my fingertips
I’m sipping on the bitter tincture- t-t-taste it on my lips
My blood boils down, acid flash in my veins
When I take this medicine, it gives me growing p-p-pains

They say “Oh drink it down
Oh you’re howling with the hounds”

I won’t be around for too long, please give me more
I won’t be around for too long, I’m at your door
Track Name: Vivacious (Acoustic)
Separately together in the long night,
we were close, forgot to say say say
what we’ll miss when we wake up for the last time-
put it off ‘til next tuesday day day
Yellow-bellied and shaking
in my handcrafted boots,
From vivacious to vacant-
only got one bullet, I’m afraid to pull it, honey I’m afraid to shoot
Punch drunk from the flavor of the limelight,
try to fall to the ground and miss miss miss
Young tongues don’t know they drop dynamite,
your face is wet and the fuse is lit lit lit
Truth is we’re never sober-
got the best that money buys
From April to October,
you put up your walls when I try to call but it comes as no surprise

Sell us all the secrets, there’s no shame!
Then we can pretend we’re all okay!

I want to ask the questions that I can’t find,
maybe you and I could talk talk talk
I’ll never make it across that finish line
if I never run only walk walk walk
Call me the force that’s stopping-
won’t allow you to advance
From cradle to the coffin,
I get in your head keep you in bed and tell you “No you can’t-
can’t smile at the shadows inside you,
can’t swim in the waves of feel feel feel
You’ve only got limited time to prove
what’s mirage and what is real real real
Let me take your one weapon,
cut the lights and burn the set
There’s absence where your head is-
never scratch that itch, don’t flip the switch, be my marionette

They control me- I see the smiling at me now
Don’t you know they sell us all the secrets?
Track Name: Horizon Lines (Acoustic)
When the moment slows, and I forget the lows-
When the tide goes, with sand between my toes-
And I run ahead- the ocean is my bed-
And I feel fed- This is so far from death

I might just drift away- I’ve never been the type
to say goodbye, instead I pretend that I cannot ever die
Two birds with a single stone-
Two birds that probably could have flown beside
Impossible and infinite horizon lines

And we feel so small, infinitesimal in the scope of it all
And it took so long for us to belong because we’re intelligent people
We once stood so tall then we took a fall, oh we took a tumble
Can you feel the pull? The invisible strings that keep us humble?